Elder Law

The largest growing segment of our population are those over eighty years of age. As our population ages, the probability of illness increases.  The time to plan is now.

The staff at Mottola Law Office PLLC understands the desire to preserve assets for your spouse and children.  When illness strikes, we strive to keep the patient at home and, when nursing home placement is necessary, we ensure the family's assets are protected.

Elder law is not just for the elderly. Everyone over the age of eighteen should have a power of attorney appointing someone to make financial decisions and a health care proxy to allow someone to make medical decisions in the event of disability.

The cost of long term care is extraordinarily high. If you or your spouse require the assistance of a home health aide or need to reside in a nursing home, how will you pay for the care and afford to live in your home? Would you rather your life savings be spent on your care or be available to your spouse and then passed down to your children? Planning can ensure that you will receive the care you need and that your assets are protected.

Asset protection planning preserves  the most when it is done before illness strikes.  Last minute planning opportunities also exist but are generally not as effective as planning while still healthy.

The key is planning. If you have not planned and you become incompetent, your family will need to go to court to have a guardian appointed.  Having a power of attorney that is more detailed than the statutory powers available on the internet and a health care proxy can eliminate the need for a costly and emotionally draining guardianship proceeding.

Many people come to our office saying they need a will.  They are concerned about what will happen if they die.  While having a will is important, equally important is the planning needed for the living.
     - Who will handle my finances if I am unable?
     - Will all of my savings be used for health care?- Who will make medical decisions?
     - What will happen to my disabled child if I become sick?At Mottola Law Office PLLC, we           strive to work with you to answer and find solutions to these questions.   

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